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Q1: We are comparing quotations for our renovation work. Can you assure that Om Decor price is the lowest?

A: As our renovation is based on each of our interior designers recommendation and proposals, they cannot be compare like apple to apple for a quotation with other ID or Contractor firms.


However, we will ensure that our proposal is priced at fair value based on our design proposal & cost estimation.

Q2: Do I need give a design fee for interior design solution?

A: Yes, our company will need an initial interior design fee to expedite our designer work on your request.

As the fundamental in business relationship with all our clients, we may consider absorbing partial on the design at our own cost as a goodwill, on case by case basis.

Q3: Timeline is crucial for my project, can you put my project in top priority?

A: All the time, we will meet the timeline as we started off doing commercial projects where timeline is mostly critical.


If all information we need is adequate (authorities' approval, design confirmation, material availability, prompt payment) and the requested timeline is reasonable, we do not see why there should be any delay.

Q4: Is your company a Contractor or an Interior Design firm?

A: We do Design & Build. Therefore, we are both a contractor and/or as an interior design firm.

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Q5: What is the warranty period for your material and workmanship?

A: *1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship for commercial projects.

* We will protect all our clients with *1-year insurance against renovation defects for full turnkey projects.


*Subject to Approval

Q6: Is it safer to find an accredited member of Singapore CASE company to work on my project?

A: Many consumers are misled into believing they can only make claim/complaints against CASE member companies. (There are only about 25 or more new and established interior renovation companies that have applied & become accredited members of CASE in Singapore)


However, it does not mean you cannot lodge complaints on companies that are not under the accredited CASE members. 

Table: Fee Schedule for Mediation for Claim

(Extracted from

Fee Schedule

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